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>> the chief united nations weapons inspector arrives in damascus as president obama meets with his national security team to discuss options on syr syria. >>> wildfire spreads into yosemite park and a new threat to francisco. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. >> remembering the dream and the dreamer 50 years later. >> thousands of people making their way through washington, d.c. for days of festivities marking that historic speech from dr. martin about howg jr. and the march on much this day this movement has changed life for africa americans. what has it meant for if you? >> well, the original march was a turning point for me in my life because it was the first time that i was able to really stand up for what i believed. i knew it was right. i knew it was right to my bones to go to >> yeah 7. >> for his take on today's event gas thevent, for the first timee have whites and blacks in intimate settings, allowed to go to church together, organize tog
. >> obama: i think we all understand terrible things have been happening for quite some time. the assad regime has been killing it's own people by the tens of thousands. >> president obama said he's convinced that syria used chemical weapons against its people. a nearly two-week-old wildfire burning in parts of california's yosemite national park has exhausted fire crews, resorting to using drones to try to detect new flames. >>> the stance is death for the fort hood soldiers who gunned down 14 of his colleagues four years ago. >>> getting your fast food fix may take time, workers wage against their employers. >> president obama speaks out on syria. the president said there needs to be international consequences for the alleged use of chemical weapons it in an attack that killed hundreds of people. he dismissed a syrian request to extend chemical weapons exception as a delaying tactic. he has prepared to attack with u.s. warships in position. now the world waits for more from the u.n. >> reporter: on thursday the obama administration is expected to give a classified briefing to members
>> welcome to al jazeera, i'm riche lle carey in new york. president obama meets with his national security team to discuss options in syria. wildfires spread into yosemite park and new threats to san francisco. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the two meaning of its dream. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. >> remembering the dream and the dreamer, 50 years later. [♪ music ] >> and welcome to al jazeera. we're in washington, d.c. for this historic day as thousands make their way to the nation's capitol to remembering down independence avenue and casting the mlk memorial which was there 50 years ago. then they'll address the exactlt today means 50 years later. >> racism now is has raised its head in vicious ways, but in the language of politicians. we need the constitutional right to vote. we cannot let the voting right go back. we need the constitutional right to vote. we need to fight the war on poverty. young people with good minds can't afford to go to school. revival the civil rights commission and a ban
to support what may be about to be done and that is facing president obama right now. i think it's pretty clear from the words that we've heard, patty's assessment i concur with completely, we now have the u.s. saying they have no faith in the security council, condemning russia for blocking any efforts in the security council, the u.s. saying yes, there's the chemical weapons inquiry, those investigators out there, but we know what they're going to find so don't need to wait for them. i think it's pretty clear they are likely to go it alone. the chemical weapons inspectors will be leaving syria early on saturday morning. that perhaps and that's what observers here believe accounted be the last hurdle the administration has to wait for before possibly launching its open strikes. one other point worth raising, when the as he can tea of state john kerry was making all of those claims, many of those facts are very hard for us, whether we are nearby in syria or some distance away here in the u.n. to challenge, because we don't have access to that tort of intelligence information. he said when
defense secretary chuck hagel says the u.s. military is in fact ready to act on president obama's orders. security officials from 10 countries are meeting in jordan to discuss the best course in action in dealing with the crisis in syria. we go to mike in washington. what can you tell us about the obama administration's reaction to the crisis? >> the rhetoric has toughened in the five days since the chemical attacks in the suburb of damascus, as is a flurry of activity here at the white house and on the telephone. president obama saturday attending a national security council meeting here in the white house that lasted three hours, it was the second one into three days since the five days since the chemical attack. he's been on the phone, has president obama. he's spoken with the u.k. prime minister david cameron, yesterday with the french leader. about 27 calls including to john kerry's russian counter part in the face of strong opposition from the russians to military action, the secretary of state even spoke with his syrian counter part over the weekend. the white house with a very to
remembers martin luther king and his dream of racial equality 15 years on. >> barack obama says the u.s. military has presented him with options for strikes against syria, but he has not yet made a decision. he's coming increasing pressure from the u.n. and russia to hold off. they want u.n. monitors currently inside syria to complete their investigations into a suspected chemical weapons attack last week. obama said the aim of the military reaction would be to deter future chemical weapon attacks. >> obama: if in fact, we can take limited tailored approaches, not getting drawn into a long conflict, not a repetition of iraq, which i know a lot of people are worried about, but if we're saying in a clear and decisive but limited way that we send a shot across the bow saying stop doing this, that could have a positive impact on our national security over the long term, and may have a positive impact in the sense that chemical weapons are not used again on innocent civilia civilians. >> reporter: our white house correspondent has more from washington on the domestic considerations the pre
>>> i'm richelle carey. in the next 15 minutes president obama will announce his strategy regarding syria. >> that's right. we're standing by waiting for the president to come out in the rose garden to make remarks about his decision-making process on syria. >> u.n. chemical weapons inspectors brief leaders on their findings in syria just returning from damascus. >>> president obama is about to make a statement from the white house regarding syria. the president's address will take place as he decides what action to take against syria following last week's chemicals weapons attack against civilians in a damascus suburb. let's go to paul who joins us live from washington. paul, what can we expect the president to say? >> reporter: what we've learned is this is not an announcement that an attack on syria is imminent. it's important to emphasize he won't come out and announce an attack is imminent. what he is going to talk about is talk about his decision-making process, what's been going on about the intelligence, about his consultations with congress, perhaps, consultations with alli
obama is weighing to stop the use of chemical weapo weapons. >> reporter: the president obama administration said they will respond to this, the use of chemical weapons in syria. the goal is not to remove bashir al-assad, but to send him a message. >> it is not our intention t for scream changregime change. >> reporter: many feel a strike is unlikely to shift momentum in syria. >> in terms of shifting the momentum on the ground, it's not likely. target strikes are nor powerful in terms of the signally that they achievish and sending a very strong message that the u.s. of chemical weapons will not be tolerated. >> reporter: many believe the president left himself little choice but to response. this was one year ago. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> reporter: president obama has been hesitant to get involved in syria. the majority of american people don't want it, and former ambassador robert hunter said the administration is afraid of who could come to power if assad falls. >> then what happens? what h
can come at any time. president obama said any strike would be narrow an limited. we report from washington. >> reporter: well, he hasn't decided what the to do with syria, u.s. president barack obama made it clear he will do something. even if allies like canada, france and germany don't go along. >> a lot of people think something should be done but nobody wants to do it. >> all indications are what to order and strike missiles in the mediterranean. >> he's a thur a thug and murdee pwa hair al assad. >> releasing a summary he says president bashar al assad is behind this attack. but the u.s. also says it has proof that syrian units are responsible for the chemical weapons for three days before the attacks. the rockets were fired from government-controlled areas in 12 location cans detailed by the opposition denailed this map provided ^py the white house. >> we also foe this many disturbing details about the aftermath. we know a senior regime official who knew about the attack confirmed that the chemical weapons were use bid the regime. reviewed the impact and actually was afrai
. will the united states use military force against that country and when? >> president obama is speaking out about syria. he said he's considering a military attack when he called a shot across syria. he wants to deter the use of chemical weapons. offer in his interview he also said he has not made a final decision. >> i have gotten options from our military, i had extensive discussion with our national security team. so let me talk about what's at stake here. we understand terrible things have been happening in syria for quite some time, that the assad regime there has been killing it's own people by the tens of thousands. there are sectarian arguments that have spilled over in bloodshed and escalated over the last couple of years. although what has happened there is tragic, and i have called for assad to leave and make sure that we've got a transitional government that could be inclusive in syria, what i've also concluded that direct military engagement involvement in the civil war in syria would not help the situation on the grouped. >> tonight the state department is criticizing what it calls
president obama. >> march 50 years ago was not merely how many blacks could join the ranks of millionaires, it was whether this country would admit all people who were willing to work hard regardless of race into the ranks of a middle class life. >> mike viquera joins us. there was forrest whittaker, oprah winfrey was there, i'm curious who the crowd responded to most. >> you know tony it was an extraordinary day, it was renewal, celebration and commemoration. a lot of people who were talented public speakers really moved the crowd. and i gt to mention there was music that was extraordinary. it was a rainy day, drizzled off and own. partnered the cliche it didn't dampen the spirits of the crowd. president obama talked about putting a shoulder to the gate and pushing back and both he and president obama who spoke after the members of the king family spoke paid some overtly political comments about the gridlock in washington as well. president obama took the podium, he immediately noted the symbolism and the reality of the fact that here we are, 50 years to the day after this speech on these
, but determined president obama is considering limited military strikes. in response to new u.s. intelligence about chemical weapons attacks. the sir january regime remains defind. state controlled t.v. showing images of its military. a run away wild fire burning a national treasure, and the labor day weekend forecast isn't helping firefighters who are trying to get the upper hand in yosemite. and 19th century art with a twenty-first century twist. you haven't seen van go until you have seen his master works in 3-d. u. n. weapons inspectors have departed syria. their convey arrived in lebanon this morning and headed directly to beirut airport. the inspector spent four days looking for evidence that chemical weapons were used in syria. but their report is expected to take at least two weeks to prepare. for the first time the obama administration unveiled intelligence it says proves chemical weapons killed 1400 syrians. officially the president is still undecided about what to do in syria. but many on servers see missle strikes as unevidentble. some lawmakers say the president should get consen
0's >> i'vi'm riche lle carey. >> president obama is considering limited military strikes against syria in response to new intelligence of weapons attack. assad remains defiant. rich, >> the u.n. inspectors just arrived in the netherlands to analyze the samples they've collected from syria. the world is waiting to see how the u.s. and its allies will respond to last week's chemical attacks. here are the latest headlines we are watching. senior u.s. officials will hold conference calls with senators this afternoon. return vladimirussian presidentn calls the accusations nonsense. it seems that the response is a military response. if that is the case what have you learned about the military capability of the u.s.? >> reporter: as you mentioned there are u.s. warships, there are six, a half dozen. five of them are guided missiles destroyers and armed with tomahawk missiles. there is now a marine troop carrier with hundreds of marines in the areas a support role. the president emphasized there would be no boots on the ground in the event of any attack. the marines troop carrier is ther
to have you with us. confident and ready to strike at a moment's notice, president obama said his defense team is ready to strike syrian targets when given the order to do so. >> this mission is not time-sensitive. it will be effective tomorrow or next week or one month from now. and i am prepared to give that order. but having made my decision as commander in chief, based on what i am convinced is our national security interests, i am also mindful that i am the president of the world's oldest constitutional democracy. >> that's why i have made a second decision. i will seek authorization for the use of force from the american people's representatives in congress. for the last several days, we've heard from members of congress who want their voices to be heard. i absolutely agree. this morning i spoke with all four congressional leaders. they have agreed to schedule a debate and a vote as soon as congress come back in the session. congressional approval will be debated beginning september 9th. >> that's according to a statement released from speaker of the house congressman john boehner.
day. i want to begin with the statement from president obama. . he is going to ask congress to vote first. in a statement on the white house lawn, the president says the u.s. should target syrian government sites. he wants to get approval from congress. lawmakers are not due back from their summer break until september 9th. president obama also indicated he won't wait for a report by u.n. chemical weapons inspectors, nor will he look for approval from the u.n. security council. our whi white house correspondent mike vaquiera, a big surprise from the president, mike. sgl we had a tip that he was not going to announce imminent action. the destroyers were in place. secretary kerry had laid out the indictment in the eyes of the administration yesterday. the evidence collected by intelligence sources had made some of that public about four pages worth. the president spoke to this yesterday making it clear that a limited, so-called surgical strikes, were something that was in order. and then, he made the announcement that will not many of us expected because, frankly, aides had been
. eastern mexico. ♪ ♪ >> the obama administration says there is a sense of urgency facing the ongoing crisis in syria. the white house postpone aid meeting with russia scheduled for we understand it wants to weigh its response to a chemical weapons attack by syria. john kerry said there is little doubt the a sad regime is behind the attack. exactly what military options are the u.s. wearing? >> reporter: it was the strongest condemnation yet from the administration. >> what we saw in syria last week should shot the conscience of the world. it defies any code of morale at this. let me be clear, the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children, and innocent by standsers, by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. >> reporter: as horrific em are images of death and suffering continue to stream out of syria. president obama met with top advisors at the white house. and had calls with british prime minister david cameron and french leader to discuss options. now kerry says the syrian regime will pay a price. >> president obama believes that there must being accountabili
at a site of an alleged chemical wal attack in syria. five days after the attacks the obama administration is questioning whether inevidence remains. >>> u.n. disarmament chief is in damascus trying t to timize a te and place for the access. and mike, it sounds like the obama administration has heard enough. >> reporter: the administration now says there is little doubt the president's red line has been crossed. the only question now will there be a military price to pay for the assad regime? >> reporter: after initially insisting on access for u.n. inspectors, now the white house says it's too late. any belated additio decision bym would be considered too late to be credible, adding there is very little doubt at this point that a chemical weapon was used by a syrian regime against civilians. defense secretary chuck hagel traveling in malaysia said the military is ready. >> president obama has asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingencies. we have done that. again, we're prepared to exercise whatever option if he decides to employ any of those options. >> reporter:
a strike if congress disapproves? >> there you have it, a resolute president barack obama saying he's decided military action in syria is what he wants the country to do, but he is going to take this vote to your representatives, to congress to get authorization before any military action is taken. that might be taking some of you by surprise. it did not seem that that was the course that the country was on, but he says that he feels it is the right action and that congress will, in fact, back him up. almost challenging them to do so. let me go to mike live in washington. wow, mike. >> reporter: i'm shocked. i thought there was no chance that would happen, and we're going to have to think long and hard about exactly what the calculation was, and we're going to ask that at the white house. congress doesn't return, richelle, until september 9th. i'm not sure what today is. i sort of lost track of time since al jazeera launched, but that is more than a week away. that's extraordinary. not only from a military -- not only from a military standpoint, and i'll let the professor talk to th
obama is deciding whether to launch a military strike against syria. he is expected to meet congressional leaders today to layout his proof that syrian president bashar al-assad was behind last week's chemical attack. hundreds of people died and western leaders are demanding a response. the u.n. security council will not approve action and britain's parliament seems to be scaling back its calls for an immediate strike. in a pbs interview, president obama expressed he has no interest in an open ended conflict with syria but said that assad's regime has dough employed chemical weapons. >> if we are saying in a clear and decisive but very limited way we send a shot across the bow saying stop doing this, that can have a positive impact on our national security over the long term and may have a positive impact in the sense that chemical weapons are not used again on innocent civilians. >> again, we should stress obama has not made a decision yet on what the administration will do. that decision, though, could come within days. joining us now, white house correspondent mike live i
weapons attack, but the u.s. may not wait to hear their findings. >> obama: a lot of people think that something should be done. >> responses have been narrow and limited. >> hello and welcome, and you're watching al jazeera. also ahead six people die in protests in egypt. and in the democratic republic of congo, tensions are riding. >>> and a verdict is expected in the case of a minor and a fatal gang rape which has shocked the country. >> but first, th the last of the united nations' chemical weapons inspectors left syria. they drove across the border into neighboring lebanon. the 13-member team have been gathering evidence at the sites of last week's suspected chemical weapons attack. we're joined live from the crossing on the lebanon-syria record. zana, as we said, u.n. inspectors are out. they crossed into lebanon. what happens next? >> well, yes, they've crossed into lebanon. they've taken samples, evidence from rebel-controlled territories. they even visited a government hospital because according to the government some of their soldiers from exposed to gas. now they'll und
, president obama goes on the road with his proposal to make college more affordable. and wildfires burning out of control in ten western states including one threatening california's yosemite national park. ♪ >>> former egyptian president hosni mubarak's months in prison are over. just minutes ago, a helicopter flew him from cairo's prison and here is the report from cairo. >> released from the prison after hours of legal procedure, hosni mubarak is released. the destination is very short down the road, the medical facility. he will remain under house arrest under the terms of the state of emergency decree issued by the government. his ban on leaving the country has also been reimposed. meanwhile, the trial for deaths in 2011 resumes. >> the allegation is that he will be tried through n three different cases and that movement is not just a revolution but a military coup. >> those who opposed him for decades will also appear. charged with inciting the violence in recent months. they accuse the morsi government of not being aggressive enough in taking action against mubarak, saying he must
, but their report is expected to take at least two weeks to prepare. for the first time, the obama administration unveiled intelligence it says proves chemical weapons killed 1400 syrians. officially the president is still undecided about what to do no syria. many observes see missle strikes as unevidentble. white house correspondent begins our coverage. >> president obama is now talking openly of a military response. insisting there is little choice, even in the face of skepticism. >> it is important for us to recognize that when over 1,000 people are killed, including hundreds of innocent children, through the use of a weapon that 98 or 99% of humanity says should not be used even in war, and there is no action then we are sending a signal that that international norm doesn't mean much. >> mr. obama stressed it more than once, any move would be limited. >> nor are we considering any military action that would involve boots on the drowned. >> secretary of state also layed out the case against the regime. >> we know where the rockets were launched from. and at what time. we know where they landed
agents. >> a humanitarian group's. president obama has a range of potential options on how to respond. >>> a fast-moving wildfire threat ends yosemite national park. >>> 50 years after martin luther king, jr.'s i ha"i have a dream speech. >> thanks for being with us. new evidence that chemical weapons are being used in syria has prompted a flurry of global diplomatic activity. secretary of state john kerry has spoken with his syrian counterpart and other foreign ministers in the region about what appears to be a major chemical attack in syria. three hospitals in damascus supported by the international humanitarian group, doctors without borders, say victims began showing up on wednesday said to be exhibiting neuro toxic symptoms. medical staff say they treated 3600 patients of those patients, medics say at least 355 people died, including at least one doctor. >>> the u.n.'s tom disarmament chief, angela cain is in syria. she is asking for access to the site of wednesday's alleged attack. the state department says secretary of state john kerry received assurance from frio county syrian
moved to the mediterranean. president obama has military options but has not decided whether to launch a military strike on occur i can't. obama's not likely to get u.n. approval and it appears britain is reigning in it's approval of a strike. the president said he has approved assad has responsibility for chemical attacks. a classified report will be delivered on the intelligence that led him to believe that assad was behind the attacks. obama said a declassified report could soon be released to the public. just hours after the president talked about syria in a p.b.s. interview, he received pushback from congress from house speaker john boehner. he sent a letter to the president seeking answer to say 14 questions rewarding u.s. military intervention in the country. boehner stopped short of seeking a formal authorization vote before the president can engage. he said this: >> president obama stressed he had no interest in any open-ended conflict with syria. >> first of all, i have not made a decision. i have got options from our military, had extensive discussions with my national secur
attack happened in a suburb of damascus. here's what we know right now. president obama is directing the u.s. intelligence community to quickly gather information about the use of chemical weapons in syria. the u.s. state department said despite syrian claims the state department does not have the means of chemical warfare, syrian government is denying the charge. >> reporter: images of syrian civilians dead and wounded from alleged chemical attacks are bringing new call for military intervention. in france the foreign minister said the international community must respond with force. >> france's position is that there must be a reaction. what does that mean, a reaction? not sending troops on the ground, but a reaction, not only of course of international condemnation, but a reaction that could take the shape of the use of force. >> reporter: but in the u.s. view is less decisive. >> we're still focused on nailing down the facts the intel community is focused on that, the administration is focused on that. if these reports are true it would be an outrageous use of of the weapons by t
of emergency. >> the suspected chemical weapons attack, asp president obama considers whether to use force in the civil war. >>> i have a dream. my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colors of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream today. >> 50 years after martin luther king's most famous speech, americans descend on the nation's capitol to keep his dream alive. >>> the wildfire raging in yosemite national park is threatening to leave san francisco in the dark. the part of the park that's burning is about 200 miles east of the city, but california's governor jar brown declared a state of emergency. the flames have started moving toward the transmission lines that feed electricity to san francisco. some of those lines have already been taken offline. so far, however, there have been no reports of power outages. melissa chan is joining us by phone in groveland, california, which is near the fires. melissa, what is the latest that you are hearing on the ground? >> well, the city of san francisco, a state of emergen
obama's security advisors will meet at the white house this weekend to discuss how to deal with syria. among the options is possible military action. the meeting follows an alleged chemical weapons attack earlier this week. as we hear next, more evidence of the attack has now emerged. >> reporter: there seems little doubt that some kind of chemical weapons killed these people. this video was shot by an independent journalist for britain's itv news as victims lie where they fell, men, women, some with children at their side, their faces contorted in pain and frozen in those moments that they died. whatever killed them indiscriminately, a cat, sheep, a small crater just feet away surrounded by exploded metal, evidence say it is what deliveredded the end of these people's lives. >> we smelled a strange odor and people said we should go upstairs because it was a chemical gas and then shelling started, i fell unconscious and i was given injections and the next morning we discovered the families dead in their homes. just open the door. to see the whole family killed, with foam in their mout
tribes on earth made an appearance. barack obama security advisors will be meeting at the white house this weekend to discuss syria and options is possible military action and follows a chemical weapons attack earlier this week and we look at how world leaders are perceiving events. >> what will the world do about this, the dying and the dead? more than one thousand killed according to acvisits a many of them children and world leaders say appears to be a chemical weapons attack in syria. u.s. president barack obama has been dealing with domestic issues but in an interview he called this a big event of grave concern. but mr. obama says the u.s. will not respond on its own saying the world needs proof of what happened here and who is responsible for it. un inspectors are in damascus and the chief will arrive on saturday to try to negotiate access to the site of the attack. experts say they don't have much time. >> these are nonpersistent agents in effect and kill people quickly and dissipate very quickly. so that evidence will not remain on the ground for very long. usually hours, poss
that killed hundreds has the u.s. considering possibility military options. president obama meets with his top advisors today and u.s. war ships are on the ready in the mediterrrainian. >> i have a dream. my 4 little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colors of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream today. >> fifty years after martin luther king's most famous speech, americans descend on the nation's capitol to keep his dream alive. >>> california's wildfire raging out of control and moving further into yosemite national park, the fire so menacing, a state of alert has been declared by governor jar brown. for san francisco, the flames are tearing through acres of pristine woodlands. the fear is that million dollars of people in northern camera could lose their water and power. yosemite is on the eastern side of the state, almost 190 miles from san francisco. but most of the bay area's water and power flow right through that area. kilmany duchardt has more. >> it's the fastest moving wildfire in the west if he hfed the fire itse
obama. he's talking about making higher education more affordable. >>> dozens of wildfires are burning out of control in several states including one at yosemite national park. >> former egyptian president hosni mubarak's time in prison is now over. a helicopter flew from the prison to the hospital. when he was taken to the hospital he was put under house arrest. hosni mubarak may no longer be behind prison walls but his legal problems and those of his assessors are far from over. we have more from cairo. >> reporter: hosni mubarak is out of prison. he remains in custody at an undisclosed location. but mubarak's freedom is technical. the interim prime minister has evoked state of emergency to keep him under house arrest, and mubarak is expected to be back behind bars on sunday when his trial on charges of complicit in the deaths of the revolution resumes. >> he's now on trial for three different cases. it means that they will use it for marking that. it's not just the revolution, it is a military tear coup. >> reporter: on the same day in a different court leaders of the muslim brother
♪ ♪ >> make no mistake, president barack obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons. >> tough talk on chemical weapons as the u.s. edges closer to military action against syria. ♪ >>> hello. welcome to doha with the world news from al jazeera. also in this program, palestinians call off talks with israel after soldiers shoot dead three palestinians at a refugee camp. >>> a huge wildfire rages on in california, now threatening the san francisco water supply. >>> taking a holiday in space, a dream for many but it could soon become an affordable reality for the rich. >>> military intervention in syria is now a step closer, the u.s. and some european states are considering using force in response to a recent gas attack. hundreds died in the incident last week in damascus. the u.s. secretary of state says that he believes there is no doubt that the assad regime used chemical weapons. we have the latest next. >> reporter: these horrific pictures of the aftermath of recent attacks have, after more than two years of war in syria,
. forces in the region are ready to launch strikes should president obama give the order. but what form could a response take? we take a look. >> reporter: the obama administration said it will respond to this. the use of chemical weapons in syria. but the goal they insist is not to get rid of syrian president bashir al-assad, but to accepted him a message. >> it is not our policy to responds to this tran with regie change. >> reporter: it would involved cruise missiles towards infrastructure not chemical stock piles. >> in terms of shifting momentum on the ground, it's not likely. i think that target strikes are really more powerful in terms of the signaling that they achieve. and sending a very strong message that the use of chemicals weapons will not be tolerated. >> reporter: many believe the president left himself little choice but to respond. this was one years ago. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons being moved around or being utilized. >> reporter: president obama has been hesitant to get involved in syria. the majority of american people d
the obama administration, who has supported his efforts up until now. he said if the attack happens, if obama gives the go ahead, and he'll have the final say, will it be legal. the u.n. charter is clear, if you don't go to the security council first and they don't agree, then it is illegal. >> david, you've been listening. the question is will the inspectors on the ground again today get four more days, do you think? >> well, that does certainly remain a big question here. nobody knows the exact clarifications of what four more days means. there have been a couple of note regarding the u.n. inspectors that have implied or indicated that they may be until sunday night coming up, so that would be four more days were right now. and not implying that they've completed two, and they have two more. the fact is also that it's not believed that it takes too long for them to complete the work on the ground. two days, they get a lot done, and they've been very productive. they've reported that twice now. two more days gives them a lot to take back home. they have to take samples from the ind
of if or when to use military force is still up in the air. president obama is also considering going it alone in syria, this after america's closest ally britain cast a surprising vote against military action in response to the chemical weapons attack. meanwhile bold reaction from syria's leader, bashar al-assad said its country is ready to defend itself from any military attack. [♪ music ] >> the united states may have to go it alone in syria. the white house is still trying to assemble a coalition after an alleged chemical weapons attack by government forces. but last night the british parliament refused to authorize any military intervention. the lawmakers were told the administration has proof that president assad's government used chemical weapons. they were also told that the president still has not decided how to provide in syria. defense secretary chuck hagel said that the u.s. still considers the u.k. an ally. >> thvery strong in condemning e syrian regimes use of chemical weapons, and that vote in the parliament does not change that. >> hagel also said every nation has the right t
're following at this hour. making the case for a possible attack, the obama administration steps forward with evidence it says proves the assad regime is to blame for the deadly chemical weapons strike in syria. >> bold and defiant reaction from the syrian leader said his country is ready to defend itself. meanwhile, syrias refugee crisis gross by the day. >> same sex couples will now be allowed to file joint tax returns and it doesn't matter whether their state accepts gay marriage or not. >> science decides to give mother nature a helping hand, creating a bank that insurance bees will be around for a very long time. >> >> this morning, president obama considers going it alone, taking on syria without a key ally by its side. the obama administration forced to evaluate that option after the british parliament refuses to authorize military intervention. >> the ayes, 272, the nos 285. >> prime minister david cameron disagrees with the vote but believes it represents the will of british citizens. but just hours after britain backed out, another ally stepped forward. the president of france
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civilians. >> barack obama speaking. we are joined out of washington. kimberly, looking over at what's happening in the u.k., will the potential slowdown there affect the u.s.'s decisions on syria? when can we expect obama to make a decision on what to do? >> the president still has a number of steps before he is to make any final decision, the president saying he is still consulting with senior pentagon military officials, but the bashar al-assad regime should be held responsible. a senior official telling aljazeera that that decision will be made in close consultation with the u.s.'s friend andological we, the united kingdom. president obama, as you heard there in that interview with the public broadcast network wednesday saying he is not interested in an open-ended conflict. still, the president is preparing for any sort of potential counter strike that may be launched by assad's forces, syrian forces. again, the president has not supplied any evidence or proof, something the american people are very keen to hear from their president. they are not open to any sort of long, open-en
the obama administration is questioning whether any evidence the inspectors find will tell the real story. the suspected attacks took place outside of damascus. the area has seen heavy shelling since the alleged chemical attack. and that poses a difficulty for inspectors. the white house doesn't seem to have a lot of faith in syria's promise to cooperate. here is al jazeera's white house correspondent mike viqueira. >> reporter: the administration said there is little doubt. the red line has been crossed, the question now will there be a military price to pay for the assad regime. now the white house says it's too late. any belated decision by the r regime would now be considered too late to be credible. the navy has firepower to the region. chuck hagel traveling in malaysia said that th they are ready. >> the administration has asked to be prepared for options of all contingencies. we have done that, and again we're prepared to exercise whatever option if he decides to employ one of those options. >> reporter: since the chemical attacks and the horrific images of death and suffering seen
security. >> schools in chicago cope with budget cuts. >> the obama administration now says there is compelling evidence that syria has used chemical weapons against its own people. secretary of state john kerry calls last week's attack i in te damascus suburb as a moral obscenity. >> ii can't get the image of the man holding up his dead child with chaos swirling around him. >> what appears to be the game changer are those images that kerry referred to that so repulsed and moved on international television. the use of those chemical weapons outlawed years ago is a moral obscenity, and said the president will hold the assad regime accountable. what that means starting to look more and more like some sort of military response. a question of when and not if the u.s. will respond militarily. that opposite has really gained steam over the last 48 hours, tony. just this friday, last friday night i was standing here on the north lawn reading a tweet from susan rice, national security adviser, insisting the assad regime allow the u.n. inspectors in immediately. but then the obama ad
to the suspected chemical weapons attack. but a former weapon's inspector has this warning for the obama administration. >> not simply on the bases of gut feeling or that's what we think. we need it as hard evidence to show the world the proof, and once that is done, the picture will look very different indeed. >> also making headlines one of the largest fires in california history is still growing tonight inside yosemite national park. ♪ >>> we begin with syria tonight and a warning from a form weapon's inspector. ambassador richard butler, the un's former chief weapons inspector in iraq said the u.s. should make sure it has evidence that syria used chemical weapons against its own people. today when vice president biden talked about syria, he founded very certain. >> for we know that the syrian regime are the only ones who have the weapons, have used chemical weapons multiple times in the past, have the means of delivering those weapons, have been determined to wipe out exactly the places that were attacked by chemical weapons. >> am -- ambassador butler said if the u.s. has proof,
. the other problem facing the obama administration, yes, they are going to leave. but what we are hearing is their scientific work is going to take days possibly weeks. so what we are clear of that team for some time. >> ambassador, welcome back. we are talking about the inspectors now. seems like there is tremendous pressure on them. >> yes, there is. the time that it can take. they will leave tomorrow. they will leave on saturday. in their time zone. they leave on saturday. now the earliest i would expect that would complete the examination. the small quantity of the materials they have been able to collect. now, that seems well outside the timeframe of the administration seemed to be employing for a possible strike on syria. and then, what will the question arises what will their analysis show? their ability to collect samples of soil, blood, urine. has been quite restricted. they wanted to exhume some bodies. they were denied that. so i'm not sure how comprehensive the results will be. and what the quality of the analysis that would take four or five days would then be. and by the way
from paris. >> t*b t president obama talks about the french president on friday. he had a great determination to react and they should not go unpunished. now the two presidents shed the intelligence and evidence that it's about in damascus and said they were both and set the attacks and still the assad regime was responsible. now president obama said they are going to remain closely in touch it seems that the mood now is not so much with us a*bs will be taken but rather when. >> that's jackie rolands reporting. jim is an international security analyst at the massachusetts institution of technology. it's good to see you. >> happy to be with you. >>> give me your rea*bs to the development of the day. >> big, big. i this thought the speeches today were very significant. big news in them. things that we had not heard before and then the idea that the u.s. intelligence community has with high confidence concluded that the syrian government used this. now, for a lot of folks, it's something -- the bush administration say that about robb. >> they didn't. after iraq there was whole reth
obama considering limited military strikes against syria in response to new u.s. intelligence about chemical weapons attacks. assad remains defiant. state-controlled tv showing images of the military while president assad vows to defend the country. weeks into the battle and refusing to give up, thousands of firefighters continue their work to stop the massive rim wildfire as it gains ground. >>> the world is waiting to see what action the u.s. and its allies will take against syria. president obama says he hasn't made a decision yet, but several u.s. destroyers are now in the eastern mediterranean. here are the latest headlines. senior u.s. officials plan to hold conference calls with senators this afternoon. russian president putin says accusations the syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people are utter nonsense. that's a quote. u.n. chemical weapons inspectors have left syria after collecting evidence from the scene of last week's attack. we have several reports. we begin with paul live in washington. so, paul, what else have you learned about this potential
by the syrian government against the civilians there. it was only a year ago that obama warned about the use of chemical weapons saying it was a red line for the u.s. mike joins us now with more and mike, that red line seems to be moving a lot these days? >> well, and by comments of the senior administration officials this morning, the red line has been crossed for a second time. really remarkable here over the last 24-48 hours, dell, it seemed more and more obvious the u.s. and its allies are moving towards some sort of military action against the assad regime. essentially one official says it is too late to allow the inspectors in. at this juncture, any position of the government to allow the inspectors in is too late to be credible. and also getting them onboard for some sort of consensus. what about congress or a domestic consolidated opinion in the united states? the foreign affairs committee, top democrat on the fortune affairs committee both coming out today in favor of some military action and including strikes by cruise missiles. hagel traveling in maylaysia had this to say this mor
mideast ally. president obama met with his advisers about possibly cutting the $1.5 billion in annual ai ad to egypt. >> under mounting pressure to halt payment foss egypt, today a flat denial from the white house that aid has already been cut off. >> this is not faucet in which you turn over the spigot. the department of defense announced earlier today that the answer is yes. >> hanging in the balance $1.3 billion annually in military aid. why not stop the flow? one official said it's complicated. the aid convers covers 80% of te egyptian military procurement and egypt will buy 20 f-16s so the u.s. halted transfer of four of the planes this year. officers routinely train in the usa. including al sisi. there are larger regional security issues where government needs operation. security along the suez canal where warships routinely transit and the border and gaza strip. the administration has few good options. and each day they answer the fuel to call to cut off aid. >> that is not in line with the standards we expect governments to uphold in terms of human rights. >> a decision to cut of
really the growing strengths of al qaeda in syria. >> talking more about president obama's red line for syria being tested again after claims that the syrian government carried out this toxic gas attack. the sovereign regime has denied the allegations and mike joins us live from washington with more on this. it would be almost impossible to verify this, right, because they have heard these accusatio as a staging ground, you put military action in there and it could become even more chaotic. >> taking boots off the table, senator john mccain says air strikes are on option. what about that? >> limited air strikes, take away bashar's air superiority in attacks and it was two years ago that president obama called for the removal of bashar al assad and can john mccain with withering interests saying that the interest is at an all-time low. >>> two rockets fired north of the country landing in a border town. there is no report of any injuries and al jazz zero has confirmed the rocket were fired from lebanon. there are no claims for responsibility and right now there are no plans to retali
of the afternoon and evening hours. back to you. >> still ahead, president obama trying to close the loop on financial regulations. we'll tell you what he wants to do to make sure there is not another financial crisis and no more bailouts of big banks. >> new insights into a disgraced president, hundreds of hours of secretly recorded conversations with richard nixon are set to be released. >> al jazeera america, a new voice in american journalism. introduces america tonight. >> in egypt police fired tear gas -- >> a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. >> they risk never returning to the united states. >> we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. with an autographed jersey, and obama shared a few praise. >> coach shula retired with more wins than any coach in history. each time that record has been challenged, team after team has fallin short. >> michael eaves joins us to talk more about that. the president was having a lot >> virginia governor bob mcdonald is refuses to quit despite increasing questions about a potential bribery scandal. the governor and his wi
are an insult to common sense. it is nonsense. the obama administration said it wants proof chemical weapons used and proof who used them. >> you can destroy the runways, you can destroy assad's munitions and fuel. there are lots and lots of things we can do. we can even destroy the syrian air force. >> there ca can't be an unilatel america support. you have to have shared responsibility. >> whatever you do militarily has some political purpose and moves us towards a resolution of the situation. so there is no point in firing a weapon, dropping a bomb to drop a bomb. >> reporter: the syrian government and the rebels have promised a cease-fire in the area of the alleged attack to u.n. inspectors can gather evidence. activists are blaming pro niner gunmen for the attack on the u.n. vehicle: the u.n. team has now managed to get in the area. this area filmed by an activist shows them gathering evidence and speaking to witnesses, whatever they find the calls for intervention from western governments and their allies is getting louder. al jazeera. >> secretary of state john kerry is said to addre
beirut with the latest from syria. thank you very much. >>> the obama administration said it has very little doubt that chemical weapons are being used in syria, and that could push the u.s. and its allies to military action. general clark spoke to the potential intervention in syria. >> i think the most important thing is to make sure that whatever yo you do militarily hs some purpose to it and moves to the resolution of the situation. there is no pope to firing a weapon or to drop a bomb just to drop a bomb. you have to work around a regional coalition. i think n.a.t.o. and the arab leagues to join together. i think if the u.n. security council cannot act because of block by russia and china, then these regional organizations need to work to end the conflict. >> drums are beating louder in the nation and around the world, what is next? >> reporter: the expectation is that there will be military action. that is a dramatic change within 48 hours. let's take you back to friday night. as the pictures of death and suffering continue to stream in, and what the white house says there is li
through yosemite national park in california. >>> and challenges facing the nation's schools. >> the obama administration displayed a new sense of urgency the final decision on a u.s. response will be made by the commander in chief itself. this ceremony was honoring the members of his military fighting it. obama was always cautious on the subject of syria. >> possible military options against syria. now navy officials have said that there are four destroyers from the sixth fleet in the eastern mediterranean sea. these ships are armed with guided is missiles. , each led by an aircraft carrier and supported by destroyers a submarine and supply ships. >>> and earlier this year the u.s. left several f-16 jets in jordan following military exercises. the u.s. operates two air bases in turkey which can be used at any time in the future in an attack. >>> joining us now is lawrence corb, the senior fellow at the association for military progress. mr. corb thank you for joining us. >> nice to be with you. >> what option he are on the table for the american government? >> the option is they have to d
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